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KING Talks

Oct 26, 2017

Sergeant Edwin Raymond, member of the NY12, stopped by the K.I.N.G. Talks Podcast with host Adam Coleman to discuss about his lawsuit with the NYPD regarding racial quotas they made him meet, why he organized the ‘Cops For Kaepernick’ protest, what he thought of Kaepernick’s ‘pig socks’, how he obtained evidence against the NYPD and how he’s handling that as an active Sergeant.

Show Highlights:

Why he started the Cops For Kaepernick Movement

What he thought of Kaepernick’s Pig Socks

Why He became an officer and his own experience with police brutality as a teenager

How he approaches policing

PLOT (Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow) Organization

Discusses his Involvement with the NYPD 12: a group of 12 officers suing the NYPD

Pressure within the Department to Meet Quotas

The Difficulty of Speaking out on Justice as an Active Police Officer

Implicit Bias and Critical Race Theory

How he gathered evidence against the NYPD

Police Reform and What Needs To Be Done To Improve Police-Community Relations