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KING Talks

Oct 26, 2017

The last episode we had the honor of having Dr. Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church, in Philadelphia, to talk about his church's Frequency Conference, and well as the black experience in Reformed theological circles. Host Adam Coleman is joined by K.I.N.G. founder and president, Chris Broussard and K.I.N.G. NYC Chapter VP Cliff Means for part 2 of their discussion of the many nuggets that Dr. Mason dropped on last weeks episode.

Hour 2

01:00 - The whitewashing of church history and African contributions
02:00 - Chris’s explains his beef with how Church History is taught in Seminary
07:00 - Why is being ‘woke’ thought to be incompatible with being a Christian? 
12:00 - Debunking the myth that Christianity is the ‘White Man’s Religion’ 
15:00 - Adam recaps his experience at the Frequency Conference
17:00 - The Panel reacts to Dr. Eric Mason’s viral Facebook post about being perceived as a ‘safe negro’ in white evangelical circles. 
31:45 - What is a ‘Paleo Confederate’? Why does respected pastor, Doug Wilson, promote this view?
40:00 - Slavery in the Bible
42:00 - How does Doug Wilson’s view reflect on the current black/white divide
49:00 - Why do black and whites view the Federal Government differently. 
58:00 - Personhood over Patriotism

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