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KING Talks

Oct 26, 2017

The last episode we had the honor of having Dr. Eric Mason, pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church, in Philadelphia, to talk about his church's Frequency Conference, and well as the black experience in Reformed theological circles. Host, Adam Coleman is joined by K.I.N.G. founder and president, Chris Broussard and K.I.N.G. NYC Chapter VP Cliff Means to discuss the many nuggets that Dr. Mason dropped on last weeks episode.

Hour 1 

00:00 - The many sayings of ‘old black men’ 
02:30 - What does it mean to be ‘Woke’ and is that a label we should embrace? 
07: 40 - The root of the ‘skin color problem’ in the black community.
19:00 - Is it wrong to teach our children about racism and white supremacy? Does it do more harm than good? 
33:00 - Chris puts Adam on the hot seat. 
39:20 - Why have men left the ‘Black Church’?
51:00 - The problem of ‘tithing’ and the fix
55:00 - Chris exposes his radical ‘wokeness’ and claims Adam and Cliff are just new ‘Kendrick Lamar woke babies’. 

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