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KING Talks

Nov 28, 2018

Episode 21! We are at the Table this week discussing our recent dialogue with Sa Nater--prominent figure in the Black 'Conscious Community' and the host of BlackNews 102 and SaNeterTV.  We have an All-Star Panel this week as our Founder and President, Chris Broussard joins the Table, along with host Sean Slaughter and Adam 'Scott Lane' Coleman. This week at the Table we ask discuss Sa Neter's prison conversion and whether 'conscious' religions are more appealing to incarcerated brothers. We also discuss why the ethnic origins of Jesus actually matter for establishing credibility within conscious circles and how K.I.N.G.--and movements like it--can potentially fill a void left by the Nation of Islam's decrease in popularity. Buckle up...this is a fascinating and informative Table Talk! #kingmovement #kingtalks #podcast