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KING Talks

Apr 4, 2018

KING Talks is BACK! Just in time for the K.I.N.G. National Summit going down this Friday & Saturday, April 6th-7th in Memphis, TN! This week, we are hitting you with a Table Talk centered around our last interview with Roland Martin. We respond in depth to Roland's commentary on the evangelical gun culture in America and Cliff Means attempts to give some historical insights that help explain how that connection may have been formed. We also react to Roland's statement that a Christian's highest moral duty in politics is to uphold the Constitution. Is that true? We get into all that and more on this episode of KING Talks! You definitely don't want to miss it! 

Show Highlights: 

2:00 - Catching back up! What we been up to! 

5:00 - The Roland Martin Interview 

7:00 - Parkland, The Gun Debate, and Gun Culture in The Evangelical Church 

10:00 - The Black Panthers and The Second Amendment

11:00 - When Raegan was FOR Gun Control 

15:00 - Gun Safety or a Cultural Divide? 

16:00 - How distrust of The Government has paved the way for an Evangelical Marriage with The NRA 

19:30 - Southern Baptist Convention stance on Guns in 1968 

29:30 - Adam explains why he's a gun owner 

35:30 - The difference between the Black Gun Problem and the rural gun problem 

42:00 - How should Christians vote if they have a moral conflict with The Democratic Party? 

43:30 - Should faith simply influence our politics; or should it drive our politics? 

44:00 - What does the separation of Church and State really mean?

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