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KING Talks

Feb 2, 2018

Our guest this week on the K.I.N.G. Talks Podcast is the renowned journalist, reporter, author and former host of the critically acclaimed, NewsOne Now on TV One, Roland Martin! This week we dive deep into the historical connection between black journalism and the advancement of the black community.  We discuss how this history, along with his Christian faith, serve as a foundation for how he approaches the journalism profession.  And you know we couldn't without getting his commentary on Trump & the current state of politics. Roland spits out history facts as easy as some dudes drop 16 bars! 

Show Highlights: 

2:45 - The unique role that black journalism has played in relation to American politics and the advanced of African Americans. (History lesson!!) 

11:00 -Jemele Hill and the conflict of working in mainstream media

14:30 - The role that Roland's faith plays in how he approaches politics 

18:00 - How do people of faith choose between democrats and republicans when both parties have moral conflicts inherent in their platforms? 

23:50 - The game plan for the black community under Trump

30:00 - The role of The Church in modern day politics

31:30 - 'Journalism is my Pulpit' 

34:00 - America's relationship with guns and why 'evangelicals' are heavy supporters of gun rights. 

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