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KING Talks

Dec 6, 2017

Episode 11 of The K.I.N.G. Talks Podcast is potent! Hip Hop Recording Artist David Banner stopped by to chop it up with us about the rap business, ‘conscious’ hip hop, marriage, depression in the entertainment world and faith. 

3:00 - Banner's journey from "Like a Pimp" to Conscious Rapper

5:30 - Is there a real market for conscious rap? 

7:30 - How world travel 'woke' him up 

8:00 - How Hip Hop has been weaponized against the black community

10:00 - Why its so difficult for black businesses to succeed

11:00 - 'The God Box'

13:30 - The story behind the song "Marry Me"

16:45 - African Christian History 

18:30 - Mental Health and Depression in the entertainment industry 

23:00 - Heru, Kemet, Egyptology, and Adam's Journey to Faith 

Show Highlights: 


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