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KING Talks

Jan 1, 2018

Y’all been asking for it, so here it is!  Episode 12 of KING Talks is live! This time, Adam & Cliff are back at you with PART 1 of Table Talks that covers issues discussed in our interview with hip hop recording artist and activist David Banner. In this two part discussion we are playing excerpts from the interview and responding directly to some of the more controversial statements David Banner made that our listeners wanted more clarity on. In Part 1 is a  FASCINATING discussion about African history, Christian life on the plantation, hip hop music and its possible relationship with historical racism. This is one of our best Table Talks yet! Be sure to listen, rate, and subscribe! Part 2 will post next week!#kingmovement #davidbanner #hiphop #consciousness #empowerment #podcast #kingtalks #SITL

Show Highlights:

3:00 - Full explanation on why we didn’t play original David Banner interview in full

14:15 - David Banner Interview Excerpt 1: “White people have always lied about everything they have given us. If they wont give us the key to this earth, why would they give us the correct key to heaven?’

15:20 - Adam’s Response

24:50 - Plantation Missionaries 

36:15 - The Slave & Christian Hope

50:45 - David Banner Interview Excerpt 2: “Hip Hop has become the right hand of White Supremacy”

52:15 - Adam’s Response: The Responsibility of the Listener, Oprah & 50 Cent

54:30 - Cliff’s Response: Hip Hop ‘Minstrel Show”

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