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KING Talks

Dec 3, 2017

Episode 10 of KING Talks is live! Adam, Chris & Cliff are back at you with PART 2 Table Talks that covers issues discussed in the Rev. Conrad Tillard Sr. interview, formerly a member of the Nation of Islam and the current host of Conversations with Conrad on WCHR NYC. Part 2 we ask whether or not teaching black history & black identity in the church is divisive, how integration enabled hip hop music in a negative way, and the meaning of the so-called ‘social gospel’--why that’s a term we should move away from.  Part 1 was amazing and informative, but Part 2 doesn’t disappoint! #podcast #kingtalks #farrakhan #christianity #nationofislam #blackmen #nationalism #kingmovement #SITL

Show Highlights:

2:00 - Why Black History is Important

3:30 - Conservative and Liberal Perspectives on The Black Man and why Ethnic Specific Ministries are Important

4:00 - The social construct of Race vs. Ethnicity  

5:00 - The importance of history in understanding the Gospel.

7:00 - How American History is taught as Christian History  

8:00 - Black Biblical History

10:30 - Why it’s important to teach Black History in White Churches

14:00 - The Importance of Appealing to Intellect

16:30 - The unintended consequences of integration and hip hop music

19:00 - Reb Lobster Butter Biscuits & Integration

20:00 - The causality of Black Institutions  in Integration

24:00 - The Danger of Romanticizing The Past

27:00 - Old School vs New School

30:00 - MAGA? Real Integration

31:00 - Segregation in 2017

32:00 - Hip Hop Culture in Urban & Suburban America

36:00 - Why using the term “Social Gospel” is Problematic

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